Observatory on Crisis and Alternatives: The Centre for Social Studies (CES), in collaboration with the Institute for Labour Studies of the International Labour Organization (INST/ILO), decided to create the Observatory on Crisis and Alternatives in order to monitor the development of the crises in its multiple dimensions and manifestations in Portugal, making its characterization and diagnostic more precise. The Observatory will seek to monitor policies, in relation to their aims and means employed, as well as to the expected or observed results, and to contribute to the identification of responses to the increasing set of alternatives considered in the public debate.


Permanent Observatory for Portuguese Justice:: The task of this Observatory is to monitor and analyse the performance of the courts and other related institutions and activities, the police, prisons, rehabilitation services, etc.


Observatory on Participation, Innovation and Local Government (PEOPLES'): PEOPLES' represents a place of encounter and exchange about issues related to the population's participation in the elaboration of public policies and territory projects, and the innovations marking the transformation of government levels closer to citizens. This observatory includes a large virtual video collection of texts, theoretical and methodological reflections, critical essays, debates, images and sounds showing the plurality of innovative practices in the whole world.

Observatory of Risk: This is a proactive body identifying the social and economic contexts in which areas of awareness of risk are to be found, with an interest in analysing the efficacy of public and private strategies for mitigation, and heedful of the emergence and consolidation of new players and groups.


Observatory on Religion in Public Space (POLICREDOS): Was constituted in 2008 and is sponsored by the programme "Compromisso com a Ciência". Its main research objective lies in probing the (re)emergence of religion in Europe from an interdisciplinary perspective. Its principal aim is to enliven the discussion by comparing religious and political practices in the Mediterranean basin.


Observatory for Education Policies and Professional Development: Resulting from a partnership between the Centre for Social Studies (CES) of the University of Coimbra and the Centre for Studies and Intervention in Education and Professional Development (CeiEF) of the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies, Op.Edu is designed to conduct scientific research activities within the field of education policy - namely, developing research projects, participating in research and dissemination networks, organizing events, establishing partnerships, implementing outreach and consulting activities and mobilizing institutional actors.